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A Warm welcome to Marigot Palms 

Dear guests,

We thank you for choosing Marigot Palms for your holiday.  Marigot Bay's  beauty and laidback calm will give you an unmatched and unique holiday experience

We hope you will enjoy staying here as much as we do. With this in mind, we ask you that you please respect and treat the apartment and its contents as though there are your own.

Welcome and enjoy this beautiful paradise !!

Ann & Danny

Important information about our house


The water throughout St Lucia is good.  Bottled St Lucian water is excellent. 

Do not waste water as it is precious .

Please do not throw grease or garbage down the drain.  The toilet goes to a septic tank where live bacteria eats most of the waste.  Do not flush tampons, pads or anything else except toilet paper (or bugs) down the toilet. It stops the bacteria and clogs the system.


Smoking / vaping is allowed outside your room only. Preferably the  hammock zone


We opted for environmentally friendly soap dispensers in which we provide  a top quality unisex body & hair wash.

It’s a blend of botanicals and It gently cleanses the skin, leaving it smooth and conditioned . It contains moisturizers and is ph balanced.


Electricity current is 220 volts 

We do our best to be energy conscious, please be so kind to turn off the air conditioning and lights  when leaving your room.













In St Lucia we have the 3-pin UK outlets

To charge your phone you’ll find a black USB fast charger with 5 outlets in your apartment. Converter plugs ( 3pins to 2 pins ) are available upon request.

Our housekeeper will tidy your room every other day and also on request.

If for some reason a towel or sheet is soiled before a change is scheduled, tell us and we will change it right away.

You will find the beach/pool towels upon arrival on the bed in your room.

Please ask us for an extra towel when you plan to go to the mud baths. The mud is smelly and might stain our beach towels.

In case of loss/damage, the cost of a beach towel is 35$US.

Please do not remove the bathroom towels (bath towels and hand towels) from your room.

you will find these covers in between your chairs by the pool, please use them

before you are sitting on the chairs, it helps us to keep our chairs free of sunscreen.

When you are done, please put them in the basket under the stairs.

NO NEED to put the covers when you are wearing your clothes.

Laundry facilities are available on request ( wash, dry & fold ) for 15$ per basket. Please talk to us to make arrangements.

Deep end : 5 ft deep

Shallow end : 3 ft deep

Check out is at 12 PM.

The balance and tourist levy can be paid in cash or by credit card :

 a charge of 4% is added to your bill when paid by credit card

Please make sure all doors  are locked when you go out and valuables are safely stored away.

We have umbrellas  at your disposal, you’ll find them in your room or in the common living room, next to the front door

To open the front gate  when you want to go outside our property, you’ll find a grey button half way the stairs, just press the button and the gate will unlock for 10 seconds

To open the front gate  when you come back home, just hold the blue tag attached to your key on the bottom side of the display , the light will turn green and the gate will unlock

There is a bell next to our front door, in case you need us and you can't see us in daytime or in case of an emergency during the night, you can always reach us by ringing this bell

If you have any queries or problems, please do not hesitate to ask us 

Complimentary Services


The water from our tap is drinkable but if you prefer

you will find  a water dispenser in our kitchen,

if you have an empty bottle you can fill it up again !



 with ice for your drinks !

  If you want TO COOL BOTTLES,   to take them for example to the   beach, you can rent a cooler + icepack

  for 1$us /day, just ask !



Fresh coffee or tea  & cookies are available in our main kitchen but NO SELF SERVICE

There is always somebody around to help you 



The use of our gym is complimentary. There are no fixed hours. Please come ask us for the key. The lights inside will go on automatically but the airconditioning is manual.

Please make sure you switch off the airconditioning when leaving the gym.



We have many fruit trees in our garden: sweet & sour orange, pomegranate,, cashew nuts, bananas, plantane , mango and breadfruit !

which you may pick and enjoy in the season !!! 

All organic !!!

How do I get to the beach ??

As there is no road to the other side you need to take a ferry.

There are 2 ferries that go up and down all day & night, you’ll find them at the ferry dock behind the police station.


!. The Doolittle ferry :


He will bring you to the Doolittle restaurant dock.

For free, if you’ll have a drink or food at the restaurant, in this case you can use their beach chairs and umbrellas for free as well. They have a sitting area on the beach where the banana leaf umbrellas are , and if you like more privacy ( no vendors ) , you can relax on the left side of the restaurant


2. The Beach ferry (yellow sign on the top)


This one will charge you 5 ecd ( 2usd) per person for a round trip.

He’s an independent guy and pays for his own fuel.

He will bring you to the beach.

Contact information


Cell & WhatsApp # +1 758 287-3716


Cell & WhatsApp # +1 758 287 3504






Doctor family practice & walk in clinic

Rodney bay medical centre

Rodney bay

Telephone +1 (758) 452-8621

8 am – 5.30pm MON-FRIDAY

9 am – 1pm SATURDAYS



Telephone +1 758  459-2000





Restaurants in Marigot Bay

Restaurant The Villa

Just 1 min away from Marigot Palms, across the street 

Breakfast & dinner, take away, international and Indian cuisine, Sushi

Mangrove Restaurant

Casual dining for Dinner

Menu from fish, chicken, steaks, salads & creole dishes

Doolittles Restaurant 

Casual Dining for breakfast & lunch & dinner

Great view, nice sunsets

Menu from fish, creole dishes, burgers, chicken & salads

Chateau Mygo

Casual dining for Lunch & Dinner

Menu from fish, chicken & creole dishes


She’s a local lady cooking on the waterside , little shack on the left side from the ferry dock, you’ll see a wooden bench in front of it.

Real local food – local prices , BBQ Friday

very popular with the taxidrivers, so probably sold out by 2pm !

Free Shuttle to the Bay upon Request!!! 

 Transportation to the bay area and back to Marigot Palms is available upon request at NO CHARGE until 9 pm

 When you walk down and want a lift back up  PLEASE TELL US BEFORE YOU GO DOWN 

P1030687 (2)_edited.jpg

Special Deals

we have a professional massage therapist that comes to our house

she offers a super deal to our guests

FACIAL 80$ us

all natural, hypoallergenic skincare products made in St Lucia

1 HOUR  massage for 60$ us

with bamboo & or hot stones 70$ us

Full spa pedicure for 50$ us

A Spa Pedicure at its finest! Includes a lower leg and foot exfoliation, nail & cuticle grooming, as well as a hydrating massage cream. A warm foot massage bath to sooth sore muscles and joints. To end with a polish of choice.

Manicure & polish for 50$ us

Ask us for more information and we will arrange it for you  !


We can organize your tours for you, they are all custom made. We work closely together with a local company to do our transport services. 


If you want we can put it on your bill so you can pay with your credit card, and we will pay them.


Check with us for availability and prices. 


Come talk to us for

* details about the tours

* To request an airport drop off

* taxi rides to restaurants, for shopping etc


We’ll be more than happy to assist you and make sure you’ll have a smooth vacation


The people and companies in our brochure are providing an excellent and reliable service. We have chosen them carefully, and keep close contact with them to make sure that our guests receive a first class service.


Damond waterfall in the botanical garden
drive in volcano _ mud baths

Tours to the South

this tour to the South is made all the way to your liking, hereby a selection of the things you could do :

You head South along the costal road through villages and valleys to Soufriere. To see the majestic Pitons, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The Tet Paul trail : The trail is located in the Piton Management Area, Saint Lucia’s World Heritage Site. Hiking the trail is like soaring heavenward on a beautiful, natural staircase. The hike is rated easy to moderate and is roughly 45 minutes long.


the Botanical Gardens .These breathtaking gardens are one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean and include the famous waterfall and a huge variety of tropical trees and plants. You can take a soak in the therapeutic mineral baths, built by Napoleon.


the drive-through volcano.

It’s been 400,000 years since volcanic activity occurred here, but the pit that resulted from a collapsed dome of molten lava at the La Soufriere volcano presents a fascinating picture of what the earth must have looked like back then. As you approach the side of the crater, the sulphuris smell of rotten eggs rises up.


the Sulphur Springs you can immerse in the rich mineral water of the mud baths heated by the volcano itself and feel rejuvenated !!


The Mineral Baths : This natural, hot spring is a very relaxing experience. A short hike leads you to a series of baths of varying temperature.


Some beach time to end the day at Anse Chastenet or between the Pitons at Sugar beach !!


Tours on request, full day

Be sure to bring:

•Camera/Water Camera

•Sneakers/Water Shoes

•Sunscreen ,Towel ,Swimsuit

•No Jewelry, Cash, Bug Repellant

Hiking The Pitons

The Pitons are two volcanic plugs in a World Heritage Site in Saint Lucia. they are linked by the Piton Mitan ridge. Gros Piton is one of two mountains south of the town Soufrière in the southwest of Saint Lucia.


Lying at the southern end of Pitons Bay, it rises to a height of 786 m (2619 ft). It is the second highest peak on Saint Lucia, after Mount Gimie. The mountain was a refuge to the escaped slaves at some point -- the steep slopes made it an easily

defensible position.


“ The hike “


Gros Piton - Wonderful walk with great views up the larger of the twin peaks. Not crowded at all. Very good track, well maintained by the community of Fond Gens Libres. About 120 min to the top. No special gear is needed, just good sneakers and good legs ! Heat stress is possible especially lower slopes in dry season, when trees lose their leaves, You’ll need at least 1.5 liters of water.


From the peak, you can see not only the gorgeous waters of the Caribbean, but a vast portion of the island itself.  A Gros Piton hike tour is the only way to see the island from this vantage point, and the experience you will have standing at the top makes it absolutely worthwhile. The Gros Piton trail is one of the most magical hikes in St Lucia and is sure to leave a lasting impression on all those who are willing to make the effort.

When you ‘re back home, we can arrange a nice massage for you in your room !

pigeon island

Tours to the North

You will take the road over the mountain Morne Fortune and have fantastic views over Castries, then  drive trough the city and park to visit the local crafts market .

Make a detour to Babonneau to do some thrilling ziplining or enjoy the rainforest from the arial tram.


You head North to Pigeon Island. It is a 40-acre (160,000 m2) islet located in Gros Islet in the northern region of Saint Lucia. Once isolated from the country in the Caribbean Sea, the island was artificially joined to the western coast of mainland in 1972 by a man-made causeway built from dirt excavated to form the Rodney Bay Marina. Composed of two peaks the island is a historic site with numerous forts such as an 18th century British fort and Fort Rodney both used by the British to spy on French Ships from neighbouring Martinique. Today, Pigeon Island is the home and major venue of the Saint Lucia Jazz

In 1778, Admiral George Rodney took over Pigeon island, and built a fort on the smaller of the two peaks. This fort is known as Fort Rodney. To establish clear sightlines, Rodney ordered all trees on Pigeon Island to be cut down. From the higher peak, Signal Hill, Rodney was able to observe the French naval base on Martinique.


There are a lot of different beaches you can go to, depending if you want to have some action or just spend some quite, relaxing time !

Duty Free Bay Walk Mall


Tours on request, full day

Be sure to bring:

•Camera/Water Camera

No Jewelry

•Sneakers/Water Shoes

•Sunscreen,Towel, Swimsuit,, Cash, bug repellant

Castries City visit

Castries is the capital and largest city of Saint Lucia, It houses the seat of government and the head offices of many of the businesses both foreign and local.

The city's design is in a grid pattern similar to a metropolitan city like New York but on a much smaller scale.


One of the major tourist areas is a port of call for cruise ships. Cruise ships dock at Pointe Seraphine,  to the north of the harbour, which is also a duty-  free shopping centre. There are also many duty free   shops within the town itself and several restaurants  and other eating establishments including Burger   King, Domino's, and KFC.


Castries has landmarks, such as the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Derek Walcott Square (renamed from Columbus Square to honor the island's Nobel Prize-winning poet, Derek Walcott), the City Library, the Government House, and Fort Charlotte, at the top of Morne Fortune (an 845-foot hill).

the walcott house.jpg
IMG_0910 (2).jpg


Scuba diving in St. Lucia is popular, and for good reasons!


There are a lot of great dive sites in St. Lucia, suitable for different interests and levels.


You can find plenty of dive companies to go with , we even have one in our Bay, that’s called Dive Fair Helen.


You can find their office at JJ's Paradise.



We are so lucky to have a rum factory, Saint Lucia Distillers, right around the corner.   They produce some of the world’s finest rums.  Like Admiral Rodney, Bounty, Chairman’s reserve,  Denros, Marigot Bay etc


You can visit them on weekdays to do a tasting or a tasting and tour in the factory. And buy your favorite rum  in the shop . The tasting and tours need to be paid in cash. 


To avoid waiting, it is best to make a reservation for the tour. We’ll be happy to do this for you.  On request we will drop you off and pick you back up for a small fee.



Are you looking for some action ?

there are so many thrilling things you can do  !

Let us know if it interests you, we are happy to give you all the information you need and we’ll help you arrange it !


Hereby a selection :


Half day or full day sailing tours

Walking trails in the rainforest

ATV tours

Fly boarding

Horseback riding by the sea  

Learn more about the rain forest aboard the aerial tram

Whale and dolphin watching

Segway riding

Make your own chocolate


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